We aim to enable students wishing to pursue an education in technology. Particularly, we are looking to award this scholarship to a student with aspirations to enhance Ashland through their technology education. We also understand that mentorship is a key part of success in technology careers, and winners will have access to a network of technology professionals including this scholarship's selection committee and prior winners - acceptance of the scholarship will imply willingness to mentor future winners as part of this network.

To be eligible for this scholarship, students must be high school seniors planning to graduate before Summer 2020 from Ashland High School. The student should also be pursuing a bachelor's or associate's degree in computer science, or a related technology field. The scholarship will be distributed as a one-time sum of $X upon notification of enrollment in a higher education institution.

To apply for the scholarship, you must fill out our application. Included in the application is the following essay question.

In X words or less describe your idea for enhancing Ashland, WI through the use of technology. The technology sector contributes to a substantial portion of the United State's GDP, and technology jobs are repeatedly ranked among the best careers, but technology jobs are few in Ashland, WI. Education in technology comes in many forms, including computer science, digital media, social media marketing, and more. Technology offers opportunities to start low-cost businesses, improve business efficiency, reach a global audience, and share information at the speed of light. How would you use your technology education to enhance Ashland, WI?



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